Examine This Report on people at walmart

I agree. These are typically people who seem to have experienced tough lives of poverty that have marked them physically and self-esteem-intelligent. They possibly come to feel that they are amid strangers in any case, so they ran into The shop on a very incredibly hot day without dressing appropriately. Shaming and mocking them is having an affordable shot.

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I believed this text was designed to criticize 15 badly dressed customers, not criticize a mixture of terribly dressed shoppers and people with Actual physical deformities :/ Bad taste, Butler, lousy style.

I generally be concerned Once i open a established of those photos, which i will see my own fat bottom seeking again at me so I just don’t store at Walmart.

First, I shop walmart and never see this, the place are these retailers located? Future, I am an obese girl and never ever will you see me walking outside of your home with my things hanging out or spilling more than. Finally, for true, where is self regard viewed in any of those photos. SMH

There's nothing so hilarious as someone calling you a name by expressing “your a whichever.” It’s you’re…as in you are. LMAO!!… pathetic.

I feel it is extremely unfortunate when people Feel it’s amusing to chortle at people as a result of way they dress, glance physically or any other change which read more might be whatever they deem appropriate.

I have already been inside our Wal-Mart late during the night and encountered people in pajamas and tub robes and believed it had been lousy. But right after viewing this, I now not think so. Oh, my, I can’t consider there are actually people that Believe heading out similar to this is okay.

Which was Evidently a Halloween pic. There was even a sign that said “Delighted Halloween” in the image. A lot of the Many others look staged. There are a lot of ignorant, racist, and suggest remarks.

A majority of such Walmart People aren’t ‘amusing’ in the least, They may be obscene and Unwell. Walmart would be undertaking us all a company if they would change back for being re-dressed shoppers who defile The shop and offend other first rate customers.

sassilady seven year s in the past MARK AS SPAM not Everybody who stores at walmart are "on crack" like A few of these ppl. And do not talk about the US if u haven't been there u stupid a-hole.

So long as These are content, what concern is it of mine? Be careful the way you issue cameras and upload, You might even see your own entire body on display for somebody else’s amusement.

P.Chick —- You’re kidding ideal? I transpire to grasp Many very hefty, whole-figured Gals and never One of these might be caught DEAD searching similar to this in community!! These people are dressed disgustingly and offensively. They have earned all the ridicule and back-stabbing laughter they get.

My best friend, now deceased, on looking at a three hundred+ pounder in Wal-Mart on a type of “scooters” staying followed by a passel of Little ones, the moment reported; “I could under no circumstances be that drunk!”

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